Media Impressions, Inc. is a full-service, Phoenix based agency that specializes in marketing, media, and promotions. 


Media Impressions, Inc.’s business philosophy is based on the ability to foster growth for and with our clients, the flexibility to make it happen, and the mutual respect needed to make these goals a reality.  Our agency sets forth to provide our clients with the most aggressive cost savings in the market with a vendor bid review process on an annual basis to ensure maximum cost effectiveness while delivering product excellence.  This is achieved through experienced scrutiny and evaluation of sources for creative and marketing material production.  Media Impressions, Inc. is committed to exceed client expectations in material design and production and has relationships with vendor partners that provide excellence down to the final produced product.


Experience of Firm:

Established in March, 1984, Media Impressions, Inc.’s thirty-three (33) years of experience have lead to a proven track record in developing branding strategies, implementing strategic marketing campaigns, and increasing sales and customer counts for broad-based retail clients.  The Agency specializes in the Medical, Tourism and Quick-service Restaurant categories.


Media Impressions, Inc. key strengths include the following:

  • In-house production services.
  • Digital and Social Media.
  • Dedicated Client Services Department to manage all projects with client to ensure timely development and execution of all projects as specified, within budget, and approved by client.
  • Media planning and aggressive rate negotiation designed to produce maximum delivery to the defined target audience utilizing the appropriate and cost effective medium.
  • A specialized Promotions Department that works in tandem with the Media Department in evaluating and negotiating added value promotional opportunities and events to enhance client exposure.   


Media Impressions, Inc. utilizes the “team” approach for all work processes and projects.  The client is an integral part of Media Impressions, Inc.’s work plan process and its execution through ongoing consistent communications.  The agency and the client work as a team in establishing goals and strategies needed for successful execution of the overall marketing plan.